# Storage

Storage is a Spigot plugin that allows Intave to remember your players and their actions. Using this addon unlocks the /intave history <name> command and various other features.

Optionally, you can use a central database that allows Intave to remember players across Spigot servers. You can use your existing PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL or MongoDB database, or fall back to a per-machine file storage option.

# Setup

  1. Visit the storage GitHub page (opens new window).
  2. Click on the latest release.
  3. Choose a .jar file to download:
    • intavestorage-X.Y.Z-all.jar contains all storage implementations
    • intavestorage-X.Y.Z-file.jar contains only the file-based storage implementation
    • intavestorage-X.Y.Z-mariadb.jar contains only the file-based and the MariaDB-based storage implementations
    • intavestorage-X.Y.Z-mongodb.jarcontains only the file-based and the MongoDB-based storage implementations
    • intavestorage-X.Y.Z-mysql.jar contains only the file-based and the MySQL-based storage implementations
    • intavestorage-X.Y.Z-postgresql.jar contains only the file-based and the PostgreSQL-based storage implementations
  4. Deploy the .jar file to your server's plugins folder and start the server once, so it can generate the configuration.
  5. Modify the configuration to your individual needs; enter your database credentials, for example. Once you start the server again, the plugin should load without errors. You will now have access to a new command /intave history <name>.